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Trinity Knot Caviary


Welcome to our web site!

We  have been raising and showing Cavies for almost 2 years now. This started as our daughter wanting to be in 4-H and now we have a passion for these little guys.   We  breed American Dalmatians in chocolate and black, silver solids, silver agouti, golden solids, golden agoutis and abyssinian  in Tri Roan, Blue Roan, Brindle, strawberry roan, chocolate roan and Black.


Cavies are a very serious decision when deciding to become a cavy slave. They take daily upkeep and just like a dog you should research the different breeds and varieties to find which one matches your personality or what you are looking to add to your family.

Trintiy Knot
North Highlands, CA

Phone: (916)230-6663

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